Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Islam is Peace

The Two Faces of IslamAnother favourite BBC word I detest is "islamophobia", coined to make it sound as though infidels who distrust Muslims are in need of psychiatric help. Tell that to those Africans who are being butchered in Darfur by an Islamic Sudanese government. Tell it to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, who today warned MPs that the threat of terrorism is mounting year by year (CLICK). Yet Islam is Peace launched an advertising campaign at the start of October to cure Brit. "islamophobia" (CLICK). The Cute Kid above is the face of its propaganda (title link). I've put that very nice young face beside Britain's favourite imam, cuddly, peace-loving Abu Hamza. Which face do you regard as the true face of Islam? Oh dear, a touch of "islamophobia"? Don't panic! The word isn't a psychiatric term. On the other hand "religiosity" is a psychiatric term. The rise of Creationism in UK schools - teachers mainly blame Muslims - is a sign of increasing mental instability in our society (CLICK). Dishonest propaganda won't cure it. Facing the truth might.


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