Monday, 15 October 2007

Porkers Amok!

Aussie Feral Pig (Sus scrofa)To bring you bang up to date on environmental disasters, here's my last Blog Action Day post. Aussie experts in Queensland warn that the feral pig population is "out of control". As if drought weren't enough, Aussies are plagued by Sus scrofa (a rose by any other name). It's estimated there are 23 million feral pigs snuffling about the place, more than the human population. They're riddled with disease - the porkers, not the Aussies - and are unfit for human consumption. They gorge on crops from sugar cane to bananas, and their porker poo contaminates rivers and even threatens the Great Barrier Reef! They sound almost as bad as humans!


At 16/10/07, Anonymous Art News Blog said...

Yeah, feral animals do a lot of damage to the environment here, but they have nothing on the people.

Our prime minister has only just recently started admitting that people might be causing the world to heat up more than it should be.. and that's only because it is election time and people want action.

The world might be going to hell but that's not as important as economic growth!! or that's what politicians believe.

At 16/10/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Spot on. Like I said in an early blog, "Greed rules, KO." Green is okay, so long as lots of people are making money out of it!

What I love is when the USA, the bigest polluter on the planet, starts lecturing the Chinese and Indians about cleaning up their act. "Fair's fair" they respond. "You've got to let us carry on polluting until we're as rich as you are"!

And the planet goes to hell in the meantime.

Have you told ArtNews to get lost? I was thinking of designing a new logo for you and submitting it as an entry in a proposed competition, but I've been too busy lately.

At 21/10/07, Anonymous Art News Blog said...

Yeah, in many ways we're a silly species.

And nope, I happily changed the logo and threw away the threatening letter from ArtNews. I just couldnt be bothered taking it any further.

At 21/10/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Actually I'm beginning to like your new logo. I think it's better than the original. You've done more than enough to satisfy any sane competitor. I don't think ArtNews had a leg to stand on. Some twit was just throwing his weight about to impress the boss. Hopefully he didn't impress anyone.

At 23/10/07, Anonymous ANB said...

Yeah, it almost feels like a new blog for me now. I should change the logo annually! ;-)

My impression of the saga was that it was a woman trying to justify her position. Maybe she was having a slow day, so she spent some time on google, looking for easy targets to knock off.

I'm happy to inflate her ego, as long as no more changes are requested.

At 23/10/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

She sounds like a disaster for public relations and should be sacked, but she won't be.

I've come across these ambitious female executives before. They flit into a new job, flutter their eyelashes at the boss and start making radical changes before they even know what the job is all about. They make a complete hash of everything, upset all the staff, and the next you know they're off to an even better job somewhere else!

Where I work, these cocky fly-by-nights usually occupy the superfluous post of "Development Officer". We're still suffering from the effects left by the last idiot who occupied this post.

If she contacts you again, I'd track down her boss and lodge a complaint.


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